Indonesian wikileaks scandal

18 Jan

Taken from Warta Kota newspaper 12 March 2011. Money politics is common here. Also colutions between some parties with mafia — also government official with mafia.

Indonesian Wikileaks Scandal

Indonesian Wikileaks Scandal

The core of the leaked Wikileaks:
– BIN is ruled by SBY to spy Yusril Ihza Mahendra
– BIN is ruled by SBY to spy Wiranto
– SBY is accused of PKB intervention
– SBY stop alleged corruption case of Taufiq Kiemas
– Ani Yudhoyono called a broker
– JK distribute the money during the general elections Golkar

And now issue diversion from Wikileaks Scandal to “Bomb Ulil” , “Bomb BNN”, “Bomb Yapto” and “Bomb Ahmad Dhani”…huh!

Dan sekarang mengeluarkan pengalihan dari Skandal Wikileaks untuk “Bom Ulil”, “Bom BNN”, “Bom Yapto” dan “Bom Ahmad Dhani” … huh!

No doubt this is a fraudulent  issue diversion and stupid intelligence action..!

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